Hello world!

Paa_Gal(s) a.k.a Paagals

Just to reconfirm the fact that, friendship is all we need to have for living a life which is full of joy, emotions & love. Chalo ab gyan baji ho gayi….

Last week new job join kari  @ OPAL …so abhi to honeymoon period chal raha hai ….considering the nature of company and working style muje lagta hai honeymoon lamba chalega…:-) anyways aaj on 21/03 i came to office and was day dreaming….to bada maza aaya thinking of friends…kyaa gappe marte the we all…saath main kuch bada karna hai,,,sab saath hi rahenge..and bla bla…saala kuch nahi hua and today the situation is 3 ahmedabad main hai, 2 dubai main, 2 bharuch (it seems that it may be in Switzerland like munich ke ass paas hoga..but i would advise you better google it) , 1 mumbai main hai aur 1 hyderbad main hai (filhal – waise he is nomaid) …

but kuch bhi bolo as soon as i woke up in morning..first thing to do is ‘Good morning guys :-)… Everyday i wish to meet them, but it is not possible…those were the best days when we used to spend our days and days together…ghar pe sirf sone hi jate the, baki pura din saath main….maza aa jata tha….Its been some 8 odd years we are together…we went to  lari, to ras ranjan to Shambh’s,to CCD’s ,  to Kalpana ke nice dabeli wale uncle ke paas some  800 odd times …For almost 1000 days we spent 25min/day at parking of Navkar (CA institute- we will charge to mention the name once our blog becomes famous), we stayed @ institute till 12PM to organise the Khitij and then ordered pizza’s at midnight…. We stayed at each other’s house and almost raped sumit….We went to SG Highway at 1…Six boys and 1 Girl…Everybody envy usus…We were like such bundle of joy together..

I gave the name to the group…and it was a deeply thought invention which i m proud of…;-) There were 5 boys then and 1 girl in our group and so Paa_gal but sabse jyada dimag maine ”(s)” lagane main lagaya tha..and thereby leaving scope for new members to be part of us….Dekha Zordar intelligent hoon na main….Any ways ab jyada tarif nahi karunga main apni..I am a humble guy…..

Anyways after so many days we hav’t seen eachother..after passing our CA exams…we planned to go on a trip to Goa in Dec.13…We went there , and destiny just reconfirmed the fact that friendship is all we need to have for living a life which is full of joy, emotions & love. 

During the journey we met some more paagals ..too….

I am (From left) Abhishek a chartered accountant( herein after referred to as CA) by profession and a friend by heart…. Sakshi is vvvv nice (Guys she is my wife..aisa hi likhna padta hai) Computer Engg. and a Friend by heart..Ronak is huge CA and a friend by heart…Bhakti is dancer CA and a friend by heart..Harmil is Harami CA and a friend by heart..Nikita  is talkative CA and a friend by heart,…Shail is a mota CA and a friend by heart…Dhvani is excited CA and a friend by heart… Dubai guys are missing..as usual chutti nahi mili…anyways the are Sumit a ”Ek dum fine CA and a friend by heart and his wife Bony (newest member till date) Intelligent CA and a friend by heart. .and We are PAAGALS…Welcome to our world….


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