Go Goa

And here comes the 15th of December, 2013 and its a party time @GOA. We were waiting for this moment since long now…and now it is the time….Anyways i sat in train @ 11:30 p.m (Vadodara Express) in second A.C coach spending way more money then i wanted to , due to unavailability of seats…Anyways i was excited and wanting night to pass in a whisker…next morning  @4:30 i was going to be with my friends for a looooonngggg holiday (3n4d seems to be long at that time to me)…Anyways night passed and train was right time. @4:30 i reached Dadar station…. I saw Dhvani at station who was invited by shail and nikki….and as a possessive Paagal I never wanted anybody else then paagals to attend the holdiays..anyways shail is a bestiee so i did’t opposed much..Anyways in a moment we all were there at satation and i was very happyyyyyy..Sumit came from dubai specially for this trip…I was seeing him after quit a long time….we all board the train to Goa… Bhakti was also a newest additon to the group…

At 2p.m we reached goa and there was this private l’il bus came to receive us….hotel arrangements were done by Harmil…We all were like excited …We were singing , taking selfie’s, and shouting….We reached Golden Tulip Candolim beach….But truly hotel was superb..We checked in and then had l’il nap…(our nap = 2 hour long sleep). At evening we just went walking to candolim beach…..and yooooooo we were all excited….we went to a beach side restaurant….

Note -: Dhvani was slowly and unknowingly becoming part of us..

Here comes the Day -2….Our Manager (Shail & Harmil) made arrangements of Activa and we went to agauda and had some great snaps…The fact that Dil Chahta Hai was shot there….made us feel that reel life is actually a real life to us.

After a looong day we came back in room…but we wanted to explore Goa to its fullest….We decided to go to sum Disc…All agreed to go at ‘Club Cubana’ and wow…that was moment of life….we party hard….we danced, laughed , hugged , kissed each other and did everything that we must do at that moment…;-) 😉 ;-)…We came late in night…That night was memorable…

Next Day we did water sports…deep sea diving…etc…Ronak was at hotel for some reasons…Readers can assume the reason at there will…At night we all had a long walk on beach …and had dinner in shamiyana on sea shore…Got a chance to know Bhakti there…I, Bhaks(Bhakti) and Dhvani went for a long walk on beach… That night was special…I got to know Dhvani (DK) and Bhakti  & finally realised that they certainly deserves to be a ‘paagal’ ……The next morning was special, all were sleeping..DK and I went to see sunrise on activa and we had a long conversation as to what is a pre-requisite condition for sun to rise..weather to rise from east side or from behind the sea….DK finally conluded that Sea wala condition is must….lolzzzz

Anyways that day we went to panji and some famous church..( i can google it and give you name, but i choose to be honest)

Next day in morning we left Golden Tulip with some wonderful memories….We did usual masti’s in train….and finally in evening the time which none of us wished to face arrived…we were at Dadar Station (Special mention – Ronak kahi bich main utar gaya tha as thane waha se paas tha)… I , Bhakti and harmil had reservation till ahmedabad while Shail , Nikita and Dhvani lived in Mumbai then…We need to pass 1 hour or so, on station until our train to gujarat arrives…..We decided to sum up the memories and as suggested by dhvani we were all supposed to express our views on the last 3 days we were together…Everyone started one by one….Slowly noisy station seemed to  be really calm …as all were lost in memories…Emotions were at there peak…We were all emotional…We never realised when that 1 hour had gone…and our train arrived…At this moment , all were speechless…This was the moment that made us feel how special we are to eachother…harmil and bhakti boarded train…I gave final hugs to Dhvani, Nikita and Shail…We can See our emotions in eachother’s eyes…i Finally boarded…and the so called loooonnnnggg holiday seemed to be sooooo shorttttt…

Although i could’d summarise each and every moment of the trip……But one thing is for sure that it has give us some wonderful memories to cherish ….

This is me signing off —-Abhishek @paagals

goa1 goa2 IMG-20150324-WA0010 IMG-20150324-WA0011 IMG-20150324-WA0012 IMG-20150324-WA0015 IMG-20150324-WA0022


One thought on “Go Goa

  1. Yaar… can recall each n every moment very clearly.. what a trip..!!! but Abhi u forgot to mention Curlies :p and Shiva’s valley where U and Ronak had suddenly disappeared… 🙂 and also the night b4 u came we all had been to Leopold café at Colaba which was also great fun..!!! Love u guys.. a big hug.. loads of love and want a trip to happen veryyyy soon.. 🙂


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