My experience of a Reiki Seminar – 1st degree

‘Reiki is for those who believe in its Power’. Frankly I didn’t know much about Reiki and had only heard about it some years back from a friend who knows Reiki but could not learn that time.

Incidentally this time another friend was attending the 1st degree and she suggested that the same is very good when you are expecting and it is on a weekend and I don’t have to miss my office, so I thought to attend the same. (So I and Shail are expecting and Chotu Paa_gal will be with us within 3 months 🙂

Attending the 1st degree seminar last weekend was quite a good refreshing experience, I must say. The first and foremost principle of Reiki is belief and trust. Trust in Reiki Shakti, trust on oneself. There is no hypnotism, mesmerism, jaadu tona etc. It’s a simple scientific method of healing by ‘touch’. As we all know a mere touch of its mother soothes a crying baby, Reiki is a method healing by touch.

Basically Reiki focuses on the 7 main chakras in a human body.


Reiki Shakti aims to heal by touch and power of positive thinking by focusing on these 7 chakras. I found this method to be of ultimate relaxation and releasing the energies stored inside us.

The important negativities associated with each chakra and some important points to ponder were:

  • Crown Chakra – Negativity associated with the same is Jealousy: Are we really unhappy? Or we just sad because someone else around us is more happy / has more materialistic things has a bigger car, big house, and more expensive things than us. Gratitude towards God and family for every small thing in life will remove discontentment and remove block of this Chakra.
  • 3rd Eye Chakra – Negativity associated with the same Anger and Lack of Trust: First and Foremost do we trust ourselves? Do we trust that yes I am able and I will be able to do this task? We all deserve this chance and we all need that trust in ourselves that we are capable then only we can place trust on others also.
  • Throat Chakra – Negativity associated with the same Words / Expression: We are very well behaved, formal when it comes to people outside our home. We are very thankful for even a small help from them. Nothing wrong in that, but what about the people who have spent their entire life for us? Do we thank them enough? Even if you don’t thank them often, just try and bear the grunt of their anger with silence and pledge never to back answer them in return (you may later explain you point when they have calmed down!!). This is the least we can do for our parents in return for all the things they have done for us till now right from bringing us in this world
  • Heart Chakra – Negativity associated is Lack of Confidence and lack of acceptance: We are constantly working for social success, rather than individual success. Make a list of all those people who have the power to upset us and realise that we are psychological slaves to these people. The conscious realisation itself will bring about a freedom.
  • Solar Plexus / Navel Chakra – Worry and suppressed emotions sit in the navel centre and block this chakra: “Worrying is nothing but a constant repetition of certain words in the mind”. This drains away our energy and takes us out of the total awareness and bliss of this moment. Worry is a terrible wastage of time, thought and energy. 99% of our worries never come true and the one percent that do, end up being good for us. Happiness and contentment activate this chakra.
  • Sacral / Spleen Chakra – Negativity associated with this Chakra is fear: Fear of future is what all of us face. We need to free ourselves from all these negative thoughts and fill the mind with acceptance and thought that whatever happens, happens for good.
  • Root Chakra – Lack of happiness: We all feel sad sue to one or other reason. But I ask you all, do we actually want happiness in our lives? Why do we keep the best of crockery in the house for guest? Should we not treat ourselves for a change? I specially want to ask all the mothers, housewives, females in the house do you ever treat yourself??? If you are alone at home why not for a change prepare your favourite dishes, dishes you want to eat and take needed rest you need instead of work more? Love yourself, want for your happiness and see how much happiness you can give to people in return.

On the 1st day we gave Reiki treatment to ourselves at 24 points, 3 mins each totalling to 72 mins. And on the 2nd day we gave Reiki to each other. In the two day seminar we were given attunements to open 1st four chakras.

And the last but not the least what we did was meditation for 30 mins towards the end of 2nd day. Meditation is a very wide feeling and many people have different associations for it. For me the soothing Reiki music which was going on was very relaxing and for atleast some time there was a state of emptiness in the mind, no thoughts, no anxiety, nothing and I almost slept for about 5-10 mins 🙂 I think that in today’s fast paced lives if we all spare 10 such mins for ourselves free from everything we may get many things sorted and clear and can be more focused towards the important things in life..!!!


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